Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

Bowie, Bowie, Bowie...what were you thinking? Bringing your JV to a playoff game?? Oh wait, that WAS your Varisty??? wow.

Yes, you heard right...Wylie is some sort of unbeatable super team. Next week we take on the Dallas Cowboys, who at this point, I am not entirely convinced we wouldnt be able to beat...

Actually, our next opponent is Cedar Hill....come see, next Saturday at Pirate Stad... I mean, Texas Stadium. =)


Friday, November 28, 2008

i WANT you...this is not a joke.

Now, before I tell you this, I must tell you that this is serious. This really happened to me...I am NOT making it up. =)
I could not conjure something this good...

Strange things happen to me in the halls of Wylie High School...

A few weeks ago, I was on my way to 8th period which is in the gym. I am the Varsity Cheer coach and that is where we practice. I had almost made it to the safety of the gym, when all of a sudden I notice a young man walking toward me carrying some art supplies. Side note... In any school we have our "special" students...if you catch my drift....the sweetest, most unassuming kids in the world, who also happen to do some of the most HILARIOUS things in the world. This was one such student.

So, anyway, here I am, innocently going to class when Mario (we will call him that) approaches me with his art supplies. I said hello as I always do and did kind of a wave to him. Like a hello wave, not a world series wave. Anywho, Mario apparently took this to mean that I wanted something more from him than just a friendly hello. He literally ran over to me, handed me his art supplies (a box of markers and some construction paper) and grabbed my hand. Let me elaborate...he took my hand and interlaced his fingers into mine and proceeded to lead me down the hall. He then looked over at me and said "I want you."

WHAT??? I am sure that he meant something else...I am sure that was just a sentence fragment...a precursor to a complete thought like... "I want you to walk with me" or "I want you to help me"...but nothing followed. Just "I want you."

So here I am, a young, single teacher walking hand-in-hand with a high school student down the hallway where anyone could see. Did I mention there are cameras EVERYWHERE in our school? Oh yes, somewhere there is a video recording of Miss Stewart holding hands in an empty hallway with a young boy. Great.

Could it get worse??? Of course. Just then, another teacher turned the corner and came down the hallway, where we had now walked halfway down. When she saw what was going on, she jerked her eyes away and looked straight ahead...pretending not to notice the awkwardness. Thanks.

The whole time I am asking Mario "Where are we going?" "Can I help you with something?"...but nothing, he just continued to lead. I even took my hand away from his a couple of times, but he was unfaltering in his mission. He grabbed it back up just as quickly as I pulled away.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we turned the corner and approached the Art room. I was hopeful that this would be the end of our journey, when out walks the Art teacher. She takes one look at Mario and says "Mario! I told you to go to class!...WHAT are you doing back here?" I questioned "He ISNT supposed to be in Art class?" "No," she said "He KNOWS where to go." Then she looked at Mario and instructed again "GO TO CLASS!"

So, of course, we get to turn back around and walk ALLLL the way back down the hall we have just come from, back through ALLL the cameras and staring eyes...judging eyes. When we reached the starting point, I turned to Mario and said "Ok, it is time for you to go to class..." He just looked at me and ran off in the other direction.

I hope he made it to class.

gas pumps are very polite.

So, I was filling up today, before I made my 280 mile journey back to the DFDub. I used my debit card and when the tank was full it shut off and I went over to get my receipt. Well, before I could get it, the little gas pump computer asked me if I would like a car wash today...then it gave me two choices...

--> Yes
--> No thanks.

How polite. I mean, it could have easily just said no...but it was kind enough to add the "thanks." As if, because I was declining the car wash, I needed to add some gratuity in my response since the gas pump computer had been so kind as to offer. I am suprised that the first response wasnt "Yes please" or "Yes, may I have one." I guess if you go for the car wash, you dont have to be polite...

Thank you Chevron for your continued commitment to quality and kindness.

Tucker liked it too...


Ok, Amanda you go. You have tirelessly hounded me about this blog so for you, I am giving it a try....dont expect anything interesting. Hah.